Erchonia Percussor Adjusting Technique

The Erchonia Percussor technique is a pain treatment method provided by chiropractors using a special instrument. It uses specific vibrating and percussive forces that target soft tissue structures surrounding joint capsules such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This process produces a passive movement within the physiological joint space. The purpose is to increase overall range of joint motion.

The goal of the Percussor technique is to decrease the amount of pain in joints by increasing the joint range of motion. This technique will help restore the better elasticity of the joint complex. After treatment, many patients report feeling more flexible.

The instrument used for the Percussor Technique is a handheld device that delivers a special galvanic wave.

When performing the Percussor Technique, your chiropractor will have you lie down on a table. The doctor will then use the percussor tool on target areas. This technique involves strong interaction between the patient and the doctor. The procedure will be performed “to patient tolerance.”

Patients who have received Percussor Technique may notice increased flexibility, reduced pain, more strength, and resistance to further injury.

If you have heard about the Percussor Technique, and you want to learn more and whether it’s for you, contact one of our local Reno Chiropractors today. They a wealth of knowledge regarding neurological chiropractic care and will be glad to address all your needs and answer your questions.