ArthroStim Technique

The ArthoStim Technique is the use of an instrument to perform a chiropractic adjustment. Unlike a manual adjustment, the ArthoStim technique will likely not result in the uncomfortable popping and noisy cracks that make some patients a bit queezy.

ArthroStim tool itself looks something like a drill, but no worries. It is actually a very gentle tool.

The technique is quickly gaining popularity for its gentle ease. Using the tool also gives the chiropractor adequate control without having to apply such great manual force.

It’s kind of ironic really. Chiropractors are out there to help people who suffer arm, back and shoulder injuries. Yet, there they are throwing their own backs out trying to give patients a proper adjustment. No worries though. Luckily they are trained in the field and can treat themselves if need be.

That’s why the assistance of instruments is gaining a lot of attention. The same goal can be achieved with much less stress on the patient and doctor.

When the chiropractor treats you, he will ask you to lie down on a table. He will examine you and detect your problem areas and where your pain and discomfort is coming from. This will help him determine what treatment to offer you. If he thinks you are a qualified candidate for the Arthostim Technique, he will offer it to you.

The tool delivers a HVLA motion 12 times per second and is targeted to a specific area. Much like the Activator method, the speed of the tool doesn’t allow for the muscles to tense up in response, thus rejecting the treatment. The force of the thrust and recoil motion provided by the tool will radiate through the joint and surrounding tissues. This releases trigger points that commonly cause muscle spasms.

Patients who have tried Arthostim treatment have reporting feeling an increase in flexibility, control, improved strength, less muscle spasms, less muscle cramping, reduced pain, and resistance against further injury. Most patients also report improvements after the first treatment, but some many need additional treatments to fully work out the kinks in their system.

Arthostim treatment can be used on a variety of injuries. This tool is generally recommended for groups of people that may struggle with traditional manual chiropractic treatments. For example, children and elderly people may not do as well with a hands on treatment, which is generally a little rougher. If you have a condition and you want treatment, contact a chiropractor . Only an experienced chiropractor will be able to advise you best on what form of treatment may be for you.

Each patient is unique, and a Doctor will always treat you and your injuries with respect and total expertise.

Opting for an instrument-assisted adjustment may result in fewer side effects and less soreness after treatment. If you’re looking for a gentle chiropractic adjustment in Reno, Nevada, contact a chiropractic clinic in Reno.