Pediatric Chiropractic Services

As a experienced Chiropractic doctor would say, the birthing experiencing is very traumatic for a newborn baby and the mother. In fact, hormones in both the mother and baby cause the bones to move accordingly so that the baby can be brought into the world. While these conditions are ideal for the birthing experience, they may not be so ideal when trying to go about your daily life afterward. That’s when chiropractic services can be very beneficial for young children and adults alike.

Some Reno Chiropractors are proud to offer pediatric chiropractic services in the Reno, Nevada area. If you’re looking for a pediatric chiropractor, look no further. Find a candidate in the Reno area that is passionate about pediatric chiropractic.

How can children and teenagers benefit from chiropractic care?

As children grow, their body undergoes a series of changes that call for high demands on the skeletal system. Surely you’ve heard of those dreaded growing pains. Many times, people will complain that their babies cry often at around 3 and 5 months. This is likely a result of significant growth at these stages and they are uncomfortable.

Apart from the stress that growth itself places on their bodies, children and teenagers are notorious for accidents. Hey, it happens. These knocks and bumps all add up, and can create not only discomfort for the present but can develop into health issues later in life.

Many children are involved in physical activities, both on and off the field and this naturally presents a risk for a couple accidents from time to time. Just because your child may not have suffered a broken bone or trauma to the head does not mean that they don’t have any potential injuries. There’s a lot of stress going on in those growing little bodies. If your child is active then consider taking the opportunity to have him or her checked by a Chiropractor that treats children with an active life in Reno.

Are backpacks hurting my child’s back?

For at least 12 years of their lives, children will carry a backpack of sorts to school. In these backpacks are various things such as textbooks, lunches, drinks, and other school supplies that weigh on your children’s backs.

The issue of overloaded school bags is no stranger to the news media, or health care professionals for that matter. The fact that there is a ton of weight on these growing children’s backs all the time is bound to have some long-term impact on a child’s health.

So if you’re concerned about your child’s backpack and his/her health, it’s for good reason. But your Reno chiropractor, has some comfort to offer for concerned parents.

Luckily, children’s bodies are equipped to change and grow. Their bones are still capable of moving around and the body is capable of rejuvenating itself. However, because of the prolonged time that they have to carry this weight, it is more than even their bodies can handle. They may not realize it initially until their college years come and they suffer back, neck and shoulder pain and don’t know why. Early intervention can prevent them from having long-term problems. Talk to a Doctor about pediatric chiropractic care for back pack pain.

What are risks of carrying a backpack?

Let’s start with stating the obvious—back pain. Children can also suffer neck and shoulder pain as well. If enough damage occurs, arthritis could set in later in life.

A child who rides a bicycle often with a back pack on their back is more at risk for injury.

An ill-fitted or overweight school back also puts your child at risk for pain or injury. Keep this in mind when shopping for a back pack, as many times style is considered over comfort. Always ensure your child’s backpack is fitted correctly.

How can pediatric chiropractic services benefit your child’s back pain?

When a child carries this much weight on their back, it can misalign the ligaments in their back. A trained pediatric chiropractor can feel if any ligaments are out of place and set them back.

If you think your child is complaining about pain in weird places, just bring them in. Human bodies are very exquisitely wired and your child could experience pain in strange places as a result of carrying a back pack.

For a trained Reno Pediatric Chiropractor, check our list and call the best that you find.