Hip, Knee, & Foot Pain and Chiropractic Care

Though we’d never know it, the simple action of walking requires thousands of complex signals between brain, muscles, nerves, and even bones in all parts of our body.

Too often we take our ability to walk for granted. Unfortunately there are many people out there who suffer from impaired mobility due to injury. Don’t let yourself be next in line. Sadly, many people let their injuries go on for too long without proper treatment. This can result in an even worse injury and impair your mobility significantly.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, we encourage you to contact your top Reno Chiropractor, to help find a natural solution.

Hip Pain

Hip pain could be the result of trauma from a fall or an accident. It could also be the direct result of a pinched nerve. Common patients who suffer from hip pain are athletes, runners, mothers (pregnancy and childbirth is a traumatic experience for the hips), and people who have fallen or been involved in a vehicle accident. However, hip injuries are not exclusive to just these people.

If you’re suffering from hip pain, consult your local chiropractor can perform an examination and determine a proper treatment. Many times, hip pain is caused by a pinched nerve or misalignment. A chiropractor can manipulate your muscles, tissue, nerves, and ligaments so that they move back to their correct locations. This will bring you significant pain relief and help you be healthy again.

Leg Pain

Leg pain can also stem from a traumatic fall or accident. Leg pain is also notorious for happening when another injury is present. For example, someone who is suffering from untreated back pain may also put themselves at risk for leg pain as well. This is not only because there are communicating nerves throughout these parts of the body, but also because many times people will favor their back and walk improperly. This almost always results in additional injuries such as the hip injury and leg injury.


Sometimes people don’t realize they may officially have sciatica. They might dismiss the occasional tenderness and pains as a pinched nerve and hope that it will go away soon. However, sciatica hardly ever goes away and when it returns it will return with even more intensity.
Sciatica includes a pins and needles feeling in the lower back down through the leg, numbness, tenderness, and overall discomfort. It is the result of irritated nerves. There is no reason to resort to pain medication when a chiropractor can very easily set things right for you.

Foot Pain

The body is amazing and complex. The fascinating thing about chiropractic care is that a chiropractor is able to feel when the human body, which consists of thousands upon thousands of nerves, is out of whack. Not only can they determine that something is off, but they can determine what and where and whether or not they can fix something such as foot pain with chiropractic treatment.
Foot pain can be a result of sciatica, but it can also be a result of an injury in your leg, hip, back, or even your neck! Let a chiropractor examine you to get a real idea of what’s going on underneath the surface.

Educated and experienced

With a rich experience from surgical procedures to physical therapy to chiropractic care, a Chiropractor will have a wealth of knowledge to offer. He will be able to examine you and make an educated suggestion on the type of treatment you should opt for. For an educated diagnosis regarding your feet, knee, hip and lower back pain, contact your leading chiropractor in Reno.

If you’re looking for a Reno chiropractor for back pain, hip pain, leg pain, sciatica nerve pain, numbness, burning of the feet or other issues, call a chiropractor today.