Carpel Tunnel and Chiropractic Care

If you’re suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), you are familiar with the tingling, burning, numbness and loss of strength that affects your daily life. Many people don’t think twice about it, and think that once they’ve been diagnosed with CTS, that they need to head in from surgery. However, chiropractic care can provide pain relief and put you on the path to healing your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome naturally and get you back to your active life in Reno.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) will lose approximately $30,000 over a lifetime, due to medical costs and lost time at work.

If you want relief for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, contact a Reno Chiropractor today.

A drug-free alternative to pain management

Chiropractors offer a drug-free, surgical-free alternative treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

For many people who suffer from CTS, conventional treatment includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. Like many drugs, however, these medications have side effects. These prescription drugs can also interfere with other medications that you may be on.

Another standard solution that doctors suggest is cortisone injections to relieve pain and inflammation. These shots do provide temporary pain relief, but it is not long-lasting and requires repeated injections. Repeated injections put you at risk for a build-up of scar tissue.

Things like surgery, injections, and drugs should be a last resort. Seek out natural remedies before making such crucial decisions about your treatment. A chiropractic professional will use his or her hands to adjust your joints and manipulate the surrounding tissue to take pressure off the nerve. The same goes for nerve pressure that stems from the back and neck.

What’s in a surgery for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

Patients who are still suffering from injections and drugs are usually sent for surgery. Carpel Tunnel Surgery is expensive—as much as $10,000 (per hand). What’s worse is that Carpel Tunnel Surgery isn’t effective for everyone.

The basic procedure of CTS surgery is that a doctor will cut the ligament that runs through the carpal tunnel. This will relieve pressure on the nerve. However, cutting ligaments seems a bit harsh when there are other alternatives.

A chiropractor can offer an effective carpal tunnel treatment without a single pair of scissors. Studies show that CTS victims who received nine weeks of chiropractic treatment reported significant improvements in function, comfort and finger sensation.

That’s nine weeks of still being able to go about your day normally, no recovery time, and no dreaded snips.

If you’re having Carpel Tunnel Issues, or you think that you are at risk for CTS, reach out to a Chiropractor that understands and treats CTS often.