chiropractor reno open saturday

Chiropractor Reno Open Saturday

Reno Chiropractor Open Saturday

Yep.  It’s official.  We don’t do walk-ins on Saturday, but you can call ahead for an appointment!  Back pain doesn’t know that it’s Saturday.  So if you need help, we want to be there for you.  All you have to do is call our main line.  If we don’t pick up, it just means that we’re really busy at the moment, so leave your name and number so that we can call you right back.  There should be no need to have to wait until Monday if you’re in pain.  We want to help!

I know this sounds like terrible use of english, but I need to say this in order for you to be able to find this page and realize that we’re a Chiropractor Reno open Saturday.  The only reason I say it like that is that, for some reason, that is a popular way for people to look for a chiropractic doctor in Reno that is open on Saturdays.

There is a couple other places that can see you on Saturday, but if you want a well liked, well reviewed chiropractor, you really need to see Dr. Tom Waldorf.  Dr. Waldorf has over 20 years of experience and is truly a Reno local chiropractor.


So, if you were having too much fun on Friday night and you feel ass-whipped on Saturday morning, go ahead..  The chiropractor will probably answer the phone whether he’s in the office or sitting on the chair lift at Mt. Rose he wants to be your chiropractor Reno open Saturday to help.  He’s very serious about making sure you’re taken care of.

So, will you be charged extra because you’re getting in to see a chiropractor in Reno open Saturday?  Nope.  We will offer you the same great rates that we offer our patients any other day of the week.  No difference.  In fact, our discount cash rate applies too.  So, don’t attempt to put up with painful lower back issues, neck pain, debilitating headaches, or any other issue until Monday.  Handle it on Saturday and get back to having a great weekend.


Just to emphasize: We’re a Chiropractor Reno open Saturday by appointment.  CALL AHEAD to be sure that we’re ready for you!