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Chiropractor Reno NV Open Sunday

Chiropractor Reno NV Open Sunday

Well, in addition to Saturday, we’ve had the phone ring on Sunday too.  Apparently, pain can come any day!  So, we want to be ready for you.  We can’t take walk-ins on Sunday, but, if you need to see a chiropractor Reno NV open Sunday, we’ll be there for you. Just phone us up and we’ll set a time to meet you at our office.  This is good for anyone where waiting for Monday might be a bad idea.

You’re probably wondering, “do you charge more for a call on Sunday?”  Nope.  Same low patient cost as any other day.  It’s more about making sure that you’re taken care of than hitting you over the head for extra fees.  Plan on us doing our normal discount cash rate.

Who’s going to take your call?  Probably Dr. Waldorf.  Whether he’s in the office, at his home, or even up on the mountain skiing, He’ll answer your call or if you leave a voicemail, he’ll call you right back (as soon as he’s back on the chairlift).  Just so you know, the majority of the time that someone looks for a Reno chiropractic center that is open on Sunday, they enter it into the search engine in a weird order.  The vast majority of type it in as Chiropractor Reno NV Open Sunday.  So, if you see us type it out that way in this article, it was just done that way to help those people find this page!

Back to serious issues:  if you have back pain, a pinched nerve, neck pain, migraines or headaches, please don’t hesitate to call us regardless of the day of the week.  We will help you on Sunday just as much as we would any other day of the week.


If you need a chiropractor in Reno open on Sunday, we’ll be there for you.  Just call first to make sure that we’re really there or we can set up something so that Dr. Waldorf can meet you at our chiropractic office.

Just to emphasis: We’re a Chiropractor Reno NV open Sunday by appointment.  CALL AHEAD to be sure that we’re ready for you!



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